Versu, cancelado en Linden Lab.
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Autor:  dddddd [ 24 Feb 2014 13:23 ]
Asunto:  Versu, cancelado en Linden Lab. ... 755#p67755
dfabulich escribió:
Unfortunately the new management at Linden Lab decided to cancel it.

[Blood and Laurels] is done, and ready to release, but Linden is not allowing it to be published. Blood and Laurels may never be generally available to the public.

Emily Short escribió:
What this means for the project: I am currently trying to see whether I can get back the IP for Versu and the apps that we built that Linden did not release, including Blood and Laurels. If that succeeds, I’ll post more information here. Aside from wanting to see our hard work out there, I’m concerned that people who had started working with the Versu toolset in academic environments continue to be able to use that toolset and, ideally, have a way to publish their work for others to play with. I may not be able to make that happen, but it would mean a lot to me to be able to do so.

Autor:  dddddd [ 06 Jun 2014 11:53 ]
Asunto:  Re: Versu, cancelado en Linden Lab.

Bueno, pues parece que al final se publicará Blood and Laurels
From: Emily         Date: 04-Jun-14 15:30
Subject: Blood & Laurels after all
So as mentioned earlier, we have managed to work out permission to release the Versu content after all. Blood & Laurels will be making its real, non-accidental debut Thursday June 12 in the Apple app store. If you happen to have played it before and have thoughts you'd like to send me for the quote page (or put on IFDB), that would be awesome and helpful. In any case, I am very psyched that it will be around after all, and appreciate the moral support from folks on this channel.
[versu] Emily says, "the website is live again"

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