Demetrios - The BIG cynical adventure *DEMO*
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Autor:  Uto [ 23 Oct 2015 09:31 ]
Asunto:  Re: Demetrios - The BIG cynical adventure *DEMO*

I see your point, but I see reasonable that an author wants as many people as possible viewing his work, and making it possible via crowdfunding is quite normal nowadays (just think about Samudio's novels, that are also only tangentialy related). In that case, posting in as many forums as possible is also what you have to do, and that doesn't mean you are making an organized marketing campaign, nor converting your indie game in a commercial game made for earning money.

I would understand you position and completely support it if we were actually flooded by kickstarter campaigns, but that's not the case. In fact and sadly we are not even flooded by on-topic posts :-)

Autor:  COWCAT [ 30 Oct 2015 21:57 ]
Asunto:  Re: Demetrios - The BIG cynical adventure *DEMO*

Sorry about that. I know how it may look, but yeah, it's not that easy for a single-man company to talk about a game without doing some copy/pasting at some point. There aren't hundreds of ways to say the same thing.

I do try to reply to everyone when I've got questions and everything though!

Also I've spent a lot of time writing articles on the game creation that I thought could be interesting to some of you. It's always the same problem, time!

Autor:  COWCAT [ 19 Abr 2016 17:21 ]
Asunto:  Re: Demetrios - The BIG cynical adventure *DEMO*

Hello :)

It's been a while! Sorry again for a bit "spamming" in the previous messages. This time I'm posting to announce the release of my game :)


I've set a release date for Demetrios, which will come out on May 31th on Steam and other platforms!

Be sure to add it to your wishlist if you're interested :)


Autor:  COWCAT [ 31 May 2016 17:38 ]
Asunto:  Re: Demetrios - The BIG cynical adventure *DEMO*

This is it! Demetrios is OUT!


The game is fully translated into Spanish :)

Get it on Steam for only $8.99 (10% off this week!)

Or buy it from my site, and get both a DRM Free version + a Steam key for the same price!

Still a few DVD (DRM Free) units available to preorder on the site too! (these will be delivered one month after the release)

I hope you enjoy the game! :)

NB : I'll stop bothering you with my "advertisement" after that :p

Autor:  [AZ] [ 23 Mar 2018 10:56 ]
Asunto:  Re: Demetrios - The BIG cynical adventure *DEMO*

Me encanta ver historias como esta en las que el trabajo y la pasión de uno por su proyecto consigue sacarlo adelante. Fue una buena decisión no tomar esto como spam ;)

¡Demetrios Rules!

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